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Chi tiết

  • Loại

    : Sale

  • Phòng ngủ

    : 3

  • Phòng tắm

    : 3

  • Diện tích

    : 320m2 m²

  • Địa chỉ

    : Dai Phuoc Lotus island, Nhon Trach City, Dong Nai

  • Thành phố

    : NHon Trach

  • Country

    : Viet Nam

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Dai Phuoc Lotus Island resort is surrounded by Dong Nai river, location convenient transportation, construction was started with a capital of $ 400 million. The luxury villas with high utility as 5 star standard: 18-hole golf course, marina, schools, hospitals, offices, resorts, supermarkets, restaurants … All created a luxury, comfort, and an unforgettable feeling when they came to the island of Dai Phuoc …

Overall Dai Phuoc Lotus Island

Dai Phuoc Lotus Island villa with prime location

Dai Phuoc Lotus island villa, surrounded by Dong Nai river. Dai Phuoc Lotus move from the center of major cities such as Nhon Trach, Bien Hoa, Vung Tau, Ho Chi Minh City takes about 30-45 minutes.

Chart traffic connections Dai Phuoc Island and in other cities

Details of the route and travel time to the island of Dai Phuoc please visit Dai Phuoc Lotus position

The size and design of Dai Phuoc Lotus Island villa

Dai Phuoc Lotus Villa is located on the island of Dai Phuoc was developed by the renowned investor in Vietnam and the world as: Vina Capital, DIC, JeongSang (Korea) … with the size of 464 hectares Dai Phuoc Lotus is divided into 6 sections:

Golf Jeong Sang first 18 hole international standard, developed by the group Jeong Sang (Korea), went into operation in 2012.

Dai Phuoc bridge connecting the island and the mainland area, marina was Vina Capital investment group built and put into use in 2011.

  • Villas Southern scale Sen 22.4 acres, build 332 villas and detached duplexes with a capital of $ 64 million (relinquished)
  • Also Dai Phuoc Island also has utility customers as:
  • Great blessings sport center: tennis courts, soccer fields, swimming pool, restaurant, cafe
  • International School
  • Hospital
  • Administration Centre
  • Office
  • Area shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, fast food outlets, club house
  • River Park

Owner Dai Phuoc Lotus Development

Dai Phuoc Lotus developed by reputable brand globally Vina Capital. With strong financial potential and experienced real estate developers are accumulated over many years of work. Vina Capital has developed a reputation as the project:

Information Extraction of Dai Phuoc Lotus, please call

Business center. Hotline 0933.099.061 – 0903.332.919


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Property Map

Location : Dai Phuoc Lotus island, Nhon Trach City, Dong Nai


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