▦ Dai Phuoc Lotus island villa, luxury island villa pay 50% move in

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Chi tiết

  • Loại

    : Sale

  • Phòng ngủ

    : 3

  • Phòng tắm

    : 3

  • Diện tích

    : 320 m2 m²

  • Địa chỉ

    : Dai Phuoc Lotus island, Nhon Trach City, Dong Nai province

  • Thành phố

    : NHon TRach

  • Country

    : Viet Nam

Thông tin thêm

Dai Phuoc Lotus Villa with incentive programs are extremely attractive in this December: free management for 10 years, only 50% payment is received villas, 30 months deferred interest … Villas Dai Phuoc Lotus, eco-island villa is surrounded by four river frontage, biosphere warmth, sunshine and fresh air, wind .. very appropriate year-round resort for the weekend and wintering for travelers visitors from Europe and North America .. Go with Dai Phuoc Lotus villa you will experience the life of 5 stars, comfort, first-class facilities …

Program incentives when buying Dai Phuoc Lotus villas in this December

When the villa owner Dai Phuoc Lotus in December, you’ll get the very attractive incentives have never appeared so far:

Get the free package management fees in 4 years

Pay 50% move in

30 months deferred without interest

Overall, utility Dai Phuoc Lotus island villa

Dai Phuoc Lotus Villa is developed on the island of 400 hectares campus, including a business center, office, school, hospital, villa resort, marina … Currently mansion Dai Phuoc Lotus was handed over 150 clients, has 60 villas are doing interior, 30 customers move in and resort weekend …

When living in Dai Phuoc Lotus villa you have the opportunity to enjoy the advanced facilities, such as:

Crescent Park, the park surrounding the project, cool fresh air is full of moisture from the river.

Marina at Dai Phuoc Lotus island villa for resident and golfs customers

18 hole golf course by the Korean construction investment, went into operation in 2012

Mini mart, cafe

Tennis, swimming pool, football pitch, badminton courts, lake ecology …

Photo Dai Phuoc Lotus island villa

Realistic photo of Dai Phuoc Lotus island villa

Great blessings lotus design with tropical villas, each room are lit

The selling price and payment schedule Dai Phuoc Lotus island villa for this December

Price: Only from 3.9 billion / villa (including VAT)

Payment schedule

Installment payments Part % payment Note
Deposit 100.000.000VNĐ This amount will be included in the 1st installment
1st installment 15% Signed contract, within 7 working days
2st installment 10% Every 2 months
3st installment 5%
4st installment 5%
5st installment 5%
6st installment 5%
7st installment 5%
8st installment 5%
9st installment 5%
10st installment 5%
11st installment 5%
12st installment 5%
13st installment 10%
14st installment 10% Hand over
15st installment 5% Delivery of pink bok
Total 100% Payment in 30 months

Detailed information about Dai Phuoc Lotus island villa and book canoes went to see the project (it’s free), please contact

Business Office. Hotline 0933.099.061

Thank for your viewing!


Property Map

Location : Dai Phuoc Lotus island, Nhon Trach City, Dong Nai province


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